What is OXCAS?

Oxford Commercial Awareness Society (OXCAS) is a society founded and run by students at the University of Oxford. Launched in September 2020, the society acknowledges the increasingly competitive nature of corporate careers and aims to provide opportunities unlike any other in Oxford, giving students a competitive advantage and a huge network of future colleagues. 


The fundamental objective of OXCAS is to make the concept of “commercial awareness” accessible for students of all degree disciplines. OXCAS will provide a diverse network of individuals who are interested in commercial law, finance, consulting or any corporate career.

Our events team is currently working hard to organise weekly speaker events, Q&A panels with professionals from a variety of industries, and commercial awareness workshops. However, what makes OXCAS different from other societies at the University of Oxford is our commitment to making learning the focus of our activities. To do this, OXCAS hosts weekly sessions to allow for students to gain deeper knowledge of their chosen industries, so that when they are asked "What is a recent news story that has caught your attention?" in an interview, they will feel confident to answer the question.